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Cherie Currie (born November 30, 1959) is an American singer, actress and later chainsaw artist.

Cherie was born and raised in Encino, Los Angeles. Her mother Marie Harmon and father Don Currie divorced when Cherie was at a young age. Cherie grew up with twin sister Marie Currie, who on many occasions used to sneak out to go to parties and concerts.

When Cherie was in her early teens she went through an almost over night transformation. After seeing a David Bowie concert she traded her long blonde locks and surfboard for a choppie Bowie hairstyle and a painted lightening bolt on her face.

Cherie Currie


Cherie Currie


Vocals, Guitar, Piano

Date of birth

November 30, 1959

Hair colour


Years active


It was at an under age nightclub called The Sugar shack when Kim Fowley and Joan Jett approached Cherie asking weather she could play sing or play an instrument, in which she replied 'I came in first at the school talent show, singing David Bowie.' She left the part out that she lip synced. She instantly was told that she was able to audition for the new band on the scene The Runaways, and to sing a Suzi Quatro song.

After choosing the song Fever covered by Suzi Quatro, she practised, with her sister Marie's help. She turned up to the audition, being told the song was too slow. This is were Joan and Kim wrote Cherry bomb on the spot. She immediately got the part as main singer.

After making three albums Cherie parted with The Runaways, to pursue her solo career

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  • Cherie is now a chainsaw artist.
  • She is portrayed by Dakota Fanning in the movie The Runaways.
  • She has a twin sister.
  • She was only fifteen when she auditioned for The Runaways.
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