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Joan Jett (Born Joan Marie Larkin, September 22, 1958) is a guitarist , singer, songwriter , producer and actress from America.

She is best known for being the guitarist and singer in the band Joan Jett and the Blackhearts, with there number one hit cover I love Rock 'n' Roll, which reigned number 1

Joan Jett


Joan Jett (Larkin)


Guitar, Vocals, Bass Guitar

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on the Billboard hot 100 from March 20 till May 1 1982. Other popular recordings of hers were Crimson and Clover, I Hate Myself for Loving you and Do you wanna touch me.

Joan Jett's first ever musical experience was when she met Kim Fowley and Sandy West. Kim introduced Joan and Sandy and they jammed. They then completed the line up with Cherie Currie (singer), Lita Ford (lead guitarist), Sandy West (drummer) and Jackie Fox (bass guitar). Later on after practising and perfecting their music in 1976, they were signed by Mercury records . Later that year they recorded there first album The Runaways. In total they recorded seven LP's.

Facts about Joan.Edit

  • Joan Jett is left handed, but plays the guitar with her right hand.
  • Joan sings in a mezzo soprano range.